Our Podiatry Services

Oran Park Podiatry has all the solutions for your feet problems! Our services address the following:

•  Dry Skin

•  Callouses

•  Corns

•  Fungal Toenails

•  Broken or Damaged Toenails

•  Ingrown Toenails

•  Warts

•  Lower Limb and Foot Pain

•  Lower Limb Running/Sports Injuries

•  In-Toeing

•  Flat Feet

•  High Arch Feet

Our treatments include:

•  Regular Toenail Maintenance

•  Footwear Assessments

•  General Treatment

•  Annual Foot Checks

•  Orthotic Therapy

•  Children’s Foot and Leg Assessments

•  Diabetes Foot Assessment and Treatments

•  Ingrown Toenail Surgery (Partial Nail Avulsion)

•  Sport-Related Injuries

•  Biomechanical Assessment

•  Injury Rehabilitation

•  Nail Surgery

•  Massage and Myofascial Release

•   Gait Analysis and Custom-Made Orthotics Using the Latest 3D Technology

We also offer podiatry products, such as foot cream, bunion sleeve, and many more!

Visit Us!

You do not need a GP referral to visit us. For your initial consultation, please bring your:

•  Current Medications

•  Medical History

•  Any Previous Imaging of the Area of Concern

•  Shoes Related to Your Issue

DVA Referrals

We accept GP referrals for DVA cardholders. Simply bring your referral and DVA card on your initial consultation.

Medicare Referrals

All Medicare referrals will be bulk bill. This means that you are allowed up to five visits a year without being out of your pocket.


We have EFTPOS facilities, we accept VISA and Mastercard.

HICAPS is also now available! This means we can claim back all your private health fund on the spot.

Home Visits

We also conduct home visits. Please call us for more information.

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